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The Oldham Notebooks: an analysis of the development of IVF 1969-1978. II. The treatment cycles and their outcomes.

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Elder, Kay 
Johnson, Martin H 


This paper reports on the numbers of treatment cycles involved in the development of IVF (1969-1978) and their outcomes. We show that between 1969 and 1978: (i) a minimum of 282 women were involved in 495 cycles of potential laparoscopic oocyte retrieval (LOR); (ii) of these cycles, 457/495 proceeded to LOR to attempt egg collection; (iii) of which an outcome was recorded in 436/457; (iv) eggs were recovered in 388/436 of these; (v) inseminations were recorded in 331/388; (vi) embryos were recorded in at least 167; (vii) a total of 112 embryo transfers were attempted; and (viii) a maximum of 11 possible biochemical/preclinical pregnancies plus five clinical pregnancies were observed; (ix) from which two healthy live births resulted.



embryo transfers, fertilisation rates, history of IVF, laparoscopic oocyte retrieval, pregnancy outcomes

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Reprod Biomed Soc Online

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Wellcome Trust (088708/Z/09/Z)
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The research was supported by grants from the Wellcome Trust (088708 and 094985), which otherwise had no involvement in the research or its publication.