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A numerical study of a plane wall jet with heat transfer

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Naqavi, Iftekhar Z 
Tyacke, James C 
Tucker, Paul G 


A direct numerical simulation (DNS) of a wall jet is performed at Re=7500. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the highest Reynolds number DNS study of a wall jet. The heat transfer process is studied with an iso-thermal boundary condition at the wall. The molecular Prandtl number is Pr=0.71. Mean flow and heat transfer parameters are contrasted with available measurements and Nusselt number coefficient correlations. The scaling parameters for heat transfer variables are investigated. The mean temperature ⟨T⟩, temperature root mean square T_rms, streamwise ⟨u′T′⟩ and wall normal 〈v′T′〉 heat flux profiles show collapse in the streamwise direction, with the inner scaling, the outer scaling and the thermal scaling parameters. The complete budgets for temperature variance ⟨T′T′⟩ and turbulent heat fluxes are also presented.



wall jet, heat transfer, direct numerical simulation (DNS), Prandtl number, turbulent Prandtl number

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International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

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