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Smart textile lighting/display system with multifunctional fibre devices for large scale smart home and IoT applications.

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Choi, Hyung Woo 
Yang, Jiajie 
Lee, Sanghyo 


Smart textiles consist of discrete devices fabricated from-or incorporated onto-fibres. Despite the tremendous progress in smart textiles for lighting/display applications, a large scale approach for a smart display system with integrated multifunctional devices in traditional textile platforms has yet to be demonstrated. Here we report the realisation of a fully operational 46-inch smart textile lighting/display system consisting of RGB fibrous LEDs coupled with multifunctional fibre devices that are capable of wireless power transmission, touch sensing, photodetection, environmental/biosignal monitoring, and energy storage. The smart textile display system exhibits full freedom of form factors, including flexibility, bendability, and rollability as a vivid RGB lighting/grey-level-controlled full colour display apparatus with embedded fibre devices that are configured to provide external stimuli detection. Our systematic design and integration strategies are transformational and provide the foundation for realising highly functional smart lighting/display textiles over large area for revolutionary applications on smart homes and internet of things (IoT).


Funder: Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award


Article, /639/166/987, /639/925/927/1007, /128, /120, article

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Nat Commun

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European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) Research Infrastructures (RI) (685758)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/P027628/1)
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EU H2020, 1D-NEON, Grant agreement ID:685758 EPSRC, EP/P027628/1