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Mayton Wood (Phase 7), ENF134806. A ‘Strip, Map and Sample’ Excavation.



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Middleton, Elizabeth 


An Archaeological 'Strip, Map and Sample' Excavation was carried out at Mayton Wood, Buxton with Lammas, Norfolk, between 22nd May to the 17th June 2014 by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU). It was commissioned by Frimstone Ltd in response to a brief set out by Norfolk County Council (Gurney 2004). The Development Area (DA) lies to the southeast of Buxton, 11.1km north of the centre of Norwich at NGR 624170/ 321440 and more specifically this phase of excavation at NGR 624250/321475 (Fig.1). The aim of the excavation was to determine the presence/absence and character of archaeological remains within the DA and add to the activity identified within the previous phases of excavation. The programme of works followed on from a field survey (Beadsmoore, E. and Hall, A. 2003) and six previous phases of excavation (Middleton, E. 2013, Murrell, K. 2010, Hutton, J. 2008, Beadsmoore, E. 2007, Bishop, B. 2005 and Patten , R. 2004). Previous excavations identified prehistoric, Romano-British, Middle Saxon, Medieval and post-Medieval activity. This excavation revealed a terminus of a Romano-British linear, Middle Saxon Pits, and a continuation of a post-Medieval northwest/southeast furrow. A total of eighteen features were revealed in this phase of excavation.



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