Anna Sangadzhi-Goryaeva, About Kalmyk Cuisine

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Anna talks about Kalmyk dishes. This is her story: In Siberia our mother used to make us bulmg. The weather was cold there. When you ate bulmg, your heart pounded and you felt as if you had eaten a piece of hot, fatty meat. To make bulmg, you need to mix sour cream and produce butter. Then add flour and water to the hot butter and mix it again. When we did not have milk, we drank tea with fried flour called khuursn tsya (fried tea). Other Kalmyk dishes include bortsg biscuits, boreg (dumplings boiled in water) and meat wrapped in dough. Seksrdg is made as follows. Add flour to hot butter and mix. Then roll the dough into thin rectangles and boil them in water.

Kalmyk dishes, bulmg, tea, biscuits, dumplings, seksrdg
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