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Families of monotone Lagrangians in Brieskorn-Pham hypersurfaces.

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We present techniques, inspired by monodromy considerations, for constructing compact monotone Lagrangians in certain affine hypersurfaces, chiefly of Brieskorn-Pham type. We focus on dimensions 2 and 3, though the constructions generalise to higher ones. The techniques give significant latitude in controlling the homology class, Maslov class and monotonicity constant of the Lagrangian, and a range of possible diffeomorphism types; they are also explicit enough to be amenable to calculations of pseudo-holomorphic curve invariants. Applications include infinite families of monotone Lagrangian S 1 × Σ g in C 3 , distinguished by soft invariants for any genus g ≥ 2 ; and, for fixed soft invariants, a range of infinite families of Lagrangians in Brieskorn-Pham hypersurfaces. These are generally distinct up to Hamiltonian isotopy. In specific cases, we also set up well-defined counts of Maslov zero holomorphic annuli, which distinguish the Lagrangians up to compactly supported symplectomorphisms. Inter alia, these give families of exact monotone Lagrangian tori which are related neither by geometric mutation nor by compactly supported symplectomorphisms.



4902 Mathematical Physics, 4904 Pure Mathematics, 49 Mathematical Sciences

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