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Land at Reach and Swaffham Roads, Burwell: An Archaeological Desktop Assessment

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Dickens, Alison 
Alexander, Mary 


This desk top study was commissioned by Bidwells on behalf of David S. Smith Packaging Ltd. as a preliminary stage in the development proposals for land at Reach and Swaffham Roads, Burwell. The site occupies a roughly triangular segment of land 4.96ha in area immediately to the west of the junction of the roads to Swaffham Prior (Burwell Road) and Reach (Reach Road). The area was the site of the former railway station on the Mildenhall Branch Line and was bisected NE to SW by the railway line (now dismantled). The site presently accommodates a redundant industrial complex with a small field of rough pasture at the western end. The proposed development is mixed land use and includes a village green at the eastern end of the site, residential use in the middle and business use at the western end. In view of the density of archaeological evidence within the area the County Archaeological Officer has advised that the applicant provide information concerning the potential impact of the proposed development on archaeological remains



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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