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Dataset: Characterisation of the mechanical failure and fracture mechanisms of single grain Y-Ba-Cu-O bulk superconductors

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Huang, Kai 
Dennis, Antony 


Dataset accompanying the named paper. Please refer to the associated paper for full details of the experimental methods and parameters used to collect this data. Images are of the whole central cross section taken using an optical microscope. The excel spreadsheet contains both the data from three-point bend testing, and a range of data collected from optical microscope images analysed using thresholding analysis using ImageJ software. In all cases, the sample names beginning JS correspond to YBCO-Ag samples, those with JM-odd correspond to YBCO samples grown without additional liquid-rich powder and JM-even correspond to YBCO samples grown with the stated quantity of liquid-rich powder (growth processes are as referenced in the associated paper). The images in the powerpoint labelled 'fracture surfaces' are images of the fracture surfaces when tested in 3 point bending, as described in the paper.


Software / Usage instructions

Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, origin, photo viewer


LR YBCO, mechanical properties, superconductor, YBCO, YBCO-Ag


EPSRC (1619794)