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Measurement of the CP -violating phase ϕ s in B s 0 → J / ψ ϕ decays in ATLAS at 13 TeV

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Abstract: A measurement of the Bs0→J/ψϕ decay parameters using 80.5fb-1 of integrated luminosity collected with the ATLAS detector from 13 Te proton–proton collisions at the LHC is presented. The measured parameters include the CP-violating phase ϕs, the width difference ΔΓs between the Bs0 meson mass eigenstates and the average decay width Γs. The values measured for the physical parameters are combined with those from 19.2fb-1 of 7 and 8 Te data, leading to the following: ϕs=-0.087±0.036(stat.)±0.021(syst.)radΔΓs=0.0657±0.0043(stat.)±0.0037(syst.)ps-1Γs=0.6703±0.0014(stat.)±0.0018(syst.)ps-1Results for ϕs and ΔΓs are also presented as 68% confidence level contours in the ϕs–ΔΓs plane. Furthermore the transversity amplitudes and corresponding strong phases are measured. ϕs and ΔΓs measurements are in agreement with the Standard Model predictions.



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The European Physical Journal C

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