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Research data supporting "Formation in Carboxylic Acid Functionalised Perylene Diimides Attached to Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticles"

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Price, Michael 
Schmidt, Timothy 


Microsoft Excel file containing data-sets for each figure in the paper. All solution data was recorded on samples of 1 mg antennae complex in a chloroform dispersion. Steady state absorption and steady state emission spectra of antennae complexes were measured in a 1 cm path length cuvette. These data are reported as a function of wavelength. Two-dimensional absorption-emission decay scan data of antennae dispersion were recorded using time-correlated single photon counting, photon intensity data is reported as a function of excitation and emission.Transient photoluminescence were excited with a pulsed laser and the instrument response determined by scattering excitation light into the detector using a piece of frosted glass. Excitation fluence for all transient photoluminescence samples were kept similar to that used in transient absorption measurements to avoid nonlinear effects. Pico-second transient absorption measurements were recorded with a 1 mm path length to reduce scattering. See the main manuscript for further details.


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Matlab, Excel, OriginLab, Powerpoint, Word, ChemDraw


Solar Concentrator, Nanoparticle, Perylene


European Research Council (670405)
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