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Diamond-Like Carbon: A Surface for Extreme, High-Wear Environments.

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In this study, we present an in-depth characterization of a diamond-like carbon (DLC) film, using a range of techniques to understand the structure and chemistry of the film both in the interior and particularly at the DLC/air surface and DLC/liquid interface. The DLC film is found to be a combination of sp2 and sp3 carbon, with significant oxygen present at the surface. The oxygen seems to be present as OH groups, making the DLC somewhat hydrophilic. Quartz-Crystal Microbalance (QCM) isotherms and complementary neutron reflectivity data indicate significant adsorption of a model additive, bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate sodium salt (AOT) surfactant, onto the DLC from water solutions and indicate the adsorbed film is a bilayer. This initial study of the structure and composition of a model surfactant is intended to give a clearer insight into how DLC and additives function as antiwear systems.



40 Engineering, 34 Chemical Sciences, 4018 Nanotechnology

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American Chemical Society (ACS)