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Quae nimiùm vitis frondescit, falce putanda est



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Emblem for Guillaume La Perrière, Morosophie, Lyons, Macé Bonhomme, 1553. In his preface La Perrière stresses the ingenuity and wit that are required to produce a bilingual emblem book. "Quae nimiùm vitis frondescit, falce putanda est, Ne pereat tandem fertilitate sua: Sic decet ingenii nimias contundere vires, Ne nimis ardenti dexteritate ruat." (A vine that brings forth too many leaves must be pruned back, so that it should not perish by its fertility. Thus the over-abundant forces of genius should be broken, so that it does not rush to destruction by its very dexterousness.)


Ingenuity: Ingenium, Ingenuity: Genius, Ingenuity: Engin, Ingenuity: Esprit, Ingenuity: Naturel, Vineyard, Knives, Agriculture, Teacher, Students

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