High speed plastic optical fiber data links using LEDs

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Wei, JL 
Li, X 
Geng, L 
Bamiedakis, N 
McKendry, JJD 

Plastic optical fiber (POF) data links have been widely viewed as a cost- and energy- effective solutions for short-reach Gigabit data communications such as in-home and automotive networks. POF also has excellent compatibility with low-cost light-emitting-diodes (LEDs). In this paper, we demonstrate a 4 Gb/s single micro-LED (μLED) PAM-16 link and a record 4.7 Gb/s multiple μLEDs PAM-8 link by 1) use of avalanche photodiodes (APD) in combination with high order modulation formats; and 2) illumination of multiple μLEDs. Both digital implementation based on FPGA and analogue implementation are considered for real-time transmitters.


Manuscript originally submitted to the repository as for publication by IEEE in the papers of the International Conference On Communication Problem-Solving (ICCP2014). However, it does not appear among the published papers for this conference, and no reference has been found to it being published elsewhere.

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