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The molecular signatures of compatible and incompatible pollination in Arabidopsis.

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Kodera, Chie 
Just, Jérémy 
Da Rocha, Martine 
Larrieu, Antoine 
Riglet, Lucie 


BACKGROUND: Fertilization in flowering plants depends on the early contact and acceptance of pollen grains by the receptive papilla cells of the stigma. Deciphering the specific transcriptomic response of both pollen and stigmatic cells during their interaction constitutes an important challenge to better our understanding of this cell recognition event. RESULTS: Here we describe a transcriptomic analysis based on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) present in two Arabidopsis thaliana accessions, one used as female and the other as male. This strategy allowed us to distinguish 80% of transcripts according to their parental origins. We also developed a tool which predicts male/female specific expression for genes without SNP. We report an unanticipated transcriptional activity triggered in stigma upon incompatible pollination and show that following compatible interaction, components of the pattern-triggered immunity (PTI) pathway are induced on the female side. CONCLUSIONS: Our work unveils the molecular signatures of compatible and incompatible pollinations both at the male and female side. We provide invaluable resource and tools to identify potential new molecular players involved in pollen-stigma interaction.



Compatible / incompatible pollination, Male-female transcriptome, PTI pathway, Pollen-stigma interaction, RNA sequencing, SNPs, Arabidopsis, Pollen, Pollination, Transcriptome

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BMC Genomics

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