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Semantic 3D City Agents—An intelligent automation for dynamic geospatial knowledge graphs

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Chadzynski, A 
Li, S 
Grisiute, A 
Farazi, F 
Lindberg, C 


This paper presents a system of autonomous intelligent software agents, based on a cognitive architecture, capable of automated instantiation, visualisation and analysis of multifaceted City Information Models in dynamic geospatial knowledge graphs. Design of JPS Agent Framework and Routed Knowledge Graph Access components was required in order to provide backbone infrastructure for an intelligent agent system as well as technology agnostic knowledge graph access enabling automation of multi-domain data interoperability. Development of CityImportAgent, CityExportAgent and DistanceAgent showcased intelligent automation capabilities of the Cities Knowledge Graph. The agents successfully created a semantic model of Berlin in LOD 2, compliant with CityGML 2.0 standard and consisting of 419 909 661 triples described using OntoCityGML. The system of agents also visualised and analysed the model by autonomously tracking interactions with a web interface as well as enriched the model by adding new information to the knowledge graph. This way it was possible to design a geospatial information system able to meet demands imposed by the Industry 4.0 and link it with the other multi-domain knowledge representations of The World Avatar.



Cognitive architecture, Artificial intelligence, Knowledge graph, Automation, City modelling, Geospatial

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Energy and AI

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National Research Foundation Singapore (via Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES)) (unknown)