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A comparison study of dental pulp stem cells derived from healthy and orthodontically intruded human permanent teeth for mesenchymal stem cell characterisation.

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Kunasekaran, Wijenthiran 
Tan, Li Jin 
Zaharin, Nurshafiqah Athirah 


The objective of this study was to compare the characteristics of Dental Pulp Stem Cells (DPSCs) derived from healthy human permanent teeth with those that were orthodontically-intruded to serve as potential Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Recruited subjects were treated with orthodontic intrusion on one side of the maxillary first premolar while the opposite side served as the control for a period of six weeks before the dental pulp was extracted. Isolated DPSCs from both the control and intruded samples were analyzed, looking at the morphology, growth kinetics, cell surface marker profile, and multilineage differentiation for MSC characterisation. Our study showed that cells isolated from both groups were able to attach to the cell culture flask, exhibited fibroblast-like morphology under light microscopy, able to differentiate into osteogenic, adipogenic and chondrogenic lineages as well as tested positive for MSCs cell surface markers CD90 and CD105 but negative for haematopoietic cell surface markers CD34 and HLA-DR. Both groups displayed a trend of gradually increasing population doubling time from passage 1 to passage 5. Viable DPSCs from both groups were successfully recovered from their cryopreserved state. In conclusion, DPSCs in the dental pulp of upper premolar not only remained viable after 6 weeks of orthodontic intrusion using fixed appliances but also able to develop into MSCs.



Research Article, Biology and life sciences, Medicine and health sciences, Research and analysis methods

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PLoS One

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Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Postgraduate Research Fund (PPPC/C1-2015/DGD/11)
High Impact Research Grant-Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (UM.C/HIR/MOHE/DENT/02)