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Show and tell: disclosure and data sharing in experimental pathology.

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Ward, Jerrold M 
Sundberg, John P 


Reproducibility of data from experimental investigations using animal models is increasingly under scrutiny because of the potentially negative impact of poor reproducibility on the translation of basic research. Histopathology is a key tool in biomedical research, in particular for the phenotyping of animal models to provide insights into the pathobiology of diseases. Failure to disclose and share crucial histopathological experimental details compromises the validity of the review process and reliability of the conclusions. We discuss factors that affect the interpretation and validation of histopathology data in publications and the importance of making these data accessible to promote replicability in research.



Data sharing, Histopathology, Mouse, Peer review, Reproducibility, Animals, Diet, Disclosure, Humans, Information Dissemination, Microbiota, Mutation, Pathology, Reproducibility of Results

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