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Dordzhi Barkhaev, about some people from Baga-Chonos

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Dordzhi talks about some people from the Baga-Chonos clan: On our collective farm there lived a Jangar reciter called Nasanka Boldyrev, whose paternal uncle was also a reciter. Nasanka worked as a carpenter. When we were sent to Siberia, Nasanka was already an old man and he stayed at home. When we returned home from work he told us stories. Two brothers, Shali and Kheechi Aduchievs also lived with us. Kheechi was illiterate but very smart. In 1941 or 1942, he was appointed chairman of our collective farm. Before the arrival of the German troops, he was engaged in the evacuation of livestock. The Germans attested him, because he was a communist and the head of the collective farm. In Siberia, Shali worked as a blacksmith. Today people of the Baga-Chonos clan live in the villages of Baga-Chonos, Ovat, Zapadny, and Yalmata.



Baga-Chonos, clan

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