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Larisa Shoglyaeva, About Rain-Making Rituals

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Churyumov, Anton 
Okonova, Altana 
Babaev, Andrei 


This particular ritual is performed in Dzhidzhatn, a holy place where a famous monk was buried. Many people go there to leave hii mor' flags and ribbons with the colours of their clans, to worship and offer omskul (white, red and yellow cloth). People also take soil from this place to purify their houses or keep as a protective substance. Rain-making rituals are performed to make grass grow, keep water sources abundant, as well as for the health and wellbeing of people. The performers prostrate on the ground, circle the place three times clockwise, make offerings and light candles. Lamas and those who know how to do it, read prayers. According to Larisa, during rain-making rituals birds fly above the place. This place is where people also perform various clan rituals. During such rituals young people get to know each other, plant trees and clean up rubbish. Rituals performed at this place are believed to be effective.



rituals, omskul, rain-making rituals, prayers, flags

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