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Research data supporting "Co-registration of Optoacoustic Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging data from murine tumour models"

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Tomaszewski, Michal 
McIntyre, Dominick 
Disselhorst, Jonathan 


This dataset contains processed MRI and MSOT images to reproduce the analysis. MRI images were acquired on a 9.4T Agilent MRI machine. MSOT images were acquired using an iThera inVision TF-256 machine. .mat files are provided which contain images as matrices with corresponding co-registration landmarks and more.

For each mouse included in this study, the following files are included:

  1. .mat file containing a structure with the following entries:
    • Multispectrally processed MSOT images
    • MRI images
    • Acquisition date and mouse identifier
    • Tumor structures with the flank side and a manually drawn tumor contour
  2. .mat file with the mouse body regions of interest (manually drawn body contours) for MSOT and MRI images
  3. Registration landmarks for MSOT and MRI which are used in the primary step of co-registration.
  4. Tumor-specific registration for MSOT and MRI which are used in the secondary step of co-registration
  5. Tumor-specific contours (manually drawn) for MSOT and MRI images.

We also include the .stl files for 3D printing of the novel mouse holder which is demonstrated in the publication.mat

More comprehensive information on data acquisition is provided in the manuscript. Usage of individual files is demonstrated in the code provided on GitHub.


Software / Usage instructions

Code for analysis can be found on The provided files contain .mat files with images and co-registration landmarks.


MSOT, MRI, Co-registration


Cancer Research Uk (None)
Cancer Research UK (C14303/A17197)