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Research Data Supporting "Evaluating Wagner Oxidation Criteria for Protective Al2O3 Scale Formation in Ni-based Superalloys"

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Hardy, Mark 
Stone, Howard 


The figures and modelling data described in the manuscript are enclosed in this dataset. Data are provided for the experimental alloy (Alloy X) and characterised with Wagner’s oxidation criteria in metals (.xlsx file). Wagnerian analyses for commercial alloys are also included. In addition, scanning electron micrographs (.tif files) obtained for Alloy X are provided. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy data are also included (.oip file) with the relevant data files (.dat) and can be opened using the proprietary Oxford Instruments AZtec software. Also included are the raw data for the thermo-gravimetric analysis and the surface areas of Alloy X used to calculate normalised mass gain data (.xlsx file).


Software / Usage instructions

The EDX data can only be opened in the Oxford Instruments AZtec software. However, in order to use the .oip file, it is compulsory to unzip the relevant data files (.dat) and place them in the same directory as the .oip file. The scanning electron micrographs can be viewed in any conventional image viewer. The TGA, surface area, and Wagnerian modelling calculations can be opened in Microsoft Excel.


Electron Microscopy, Metallurgy, Modelling, Ni-based superalloys, Oxidation


Cambridge Trusts, Rolls-Royce plc, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) [funding reference number PGSD3-532682-2019]