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The Cambridge Guided Bus System: Archaeological Monitoring of Geotechnical Test Pits

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Webb, David 
Dickens, Alison 


Archaeological monitoring was carried out by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) on geotechnical test pits excavated by Soil Mechanics along the route of the proposed Cambridgeshire Guided Busway between St. Ives and Cambridge. The work, commissioned by MESG, took place in two phases with a break to allow for bird nesting and other factors. Phase 1 took place between 12th May and 10th June 2005, Phase 2 between 7th September and 7th October 2005. A total of 330 pits were dug. Of these 115 were directly monitored and recorded by CAU. A further 75 were located within cuttings or on embankments. Monitoring was not carried out at these locations as archaeology would either not be present or would not be reached. Initial observations were made near St. Ives, but abandoned as it became clear that the entire sequence to a great depth was redeposited in old extraction workings.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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