Aldborough Roman Town Project 2017 Excavations: GPR

Change log
Verdonck, Lieven 

Georeferenced image files of timeslices from a Ground Penetrating Radar survey at Aldborough Roman Town, North Yorkshire. The survey took place in 2015 along a stretch of Low Road, north of the churchyard, in order to locate sub-surface walls of the Forum. This continued from the GPR carried out in 2012 and 2013 by Jessica Ogden in the churchyard. The survey identifies internal walls in the north range of the Forum. This reinforced 18th century plans of this area, and gave a clearer indication of where to excavate. The trench was excavated to investigate the north range of the Roman Forum, in order to establish a location and date for the structure. The excavation is recorded as gazeteer point G106 on the interactive pdf map

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Aldborough Roman Town Project, Aldborough Roman Town, Isurium Brigantum, Roman Britain, Roman Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Excavation, Roman forum, Ground Penetrating Radar, Geophysical survey
Aldborough Roman Town Project, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge