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Data supporting "Modes of action of the archaeal Mre11-Rad50 DNA-repair complex revealed by Fast-scan atomic force microscopy"

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Zabolotnaya, Ekaterina 
Robinson, Nicholas 
Edwardson, John 


See the README.txt file for a description of the dataset.

The supplementary data files contain the raw data and preliminary unprocessed atomic force microscope (AFM) images and the DNA data for Supplementary Figure 5. Using these it is possible to replicate the AFM images and related statistics presented in the paper. Individual images that form the basis of the movies/videos contained in the ’Supplementary Index’ to the paper are also included. The AFM images are in common formats (JPEG, PNG etc). The AFM data files are in the format generated by proprietary Bruker Nanoscope software. They can be opened and interpreted using versions of that software (available by contacting Other commercial AFM analysis software can be used to open the files and analyse the data contained therein. These include the commonly used SPIP (Scanning Probe Image Processor -used in this study), produced by Image Metrology and recently replaced by MountainsSPIP, which is marketed by Digital Surf ( Open source software for AFM analysis is also available, indluding Gwyddion ( and WSxM (


Software / Usage instructions

Most data can be accessed through image manipulation software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop). T Raw AFM files - from which the image files were generates - require Nanoscope software (Bruker) for analysis..


Homologous Recombination, Atomic force microscopy, Archaea, Mre11/Rad50 DNA repair complex, DNA duplex unwinding


Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BB/J018236/1)