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The Global Meningococcal Initiative: global epidemiology, the impact of vaccines on meningococcal disease and the importance of herd protection.

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Borrow, Ray 
Alarcón, Pedro 
Carlos, Josefina 
Caugant, Dominique A 
Christensen, Hannah 


The 2015 Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI) meeting discussed the global importance of meningococcal disease (MD) and its continually changing epidemiology. Areas covered: Although recent vaccination programs have been successful in reducing incidence in many countries (e.g. Neisseria meningitidis serogroup [Men]C in Brazil, MenA in the African meningitis belt), new clones have emerged, causing outbreaks (e.g. MenW in South America, MenC in Nigeria and Niger). The importance of herd protection was highlighted, emphasizing the need for high vaccination uptake among those with the highest carriage rates, as was the need for boosters to maintain individual and herd protection following decline of immune response after primary immunization. Expert commentary: The GMI Global Recommendations for Meningococcal Disease were updated to include a recommendation to enable access to whole-genome sequencing as for surveillance, guidance on strain typing to guide use of subcapsular vaccines, and recognition of the importance of advocacy and awareness campaigns.



Epidemiology, Global Meningococcal Initiative, MenW, Neisseria meningitidis, meningococcal disease, outbreaks, prevention, serogroups, surveillance, vaccination, Disease Outbreaks, Global Health, Humans, Immunization Programs, Incidence, Meningitis, Meningococcal, Meningococcal Infections, Meningococcal Vaccines, Neisseria meningitidis, Vaccines, Conjugate

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Expert Rev Vaccines

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