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Research data supporting "Highly Efficient Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Carbene-Metal-Amides"

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Conaghan, Patrick 
Chotard, Florian 


Zip folder contains a series of sub folders each containing a certain type of experimental data. The experiential data is then split by compound (compounds 1, 2 ,3 and 4). “Device data” contains JVL (voltage, current density, brightness and EQE) and electroluminescence spectra in csv files, with labelled headers. Device data files are labelled by compound number and host material of emissive layer (no labelled host material implies a pure emissive layer of compound #). Electrochemistry contains xls files of oxidation and reduction potential data with labelled headers. Also included are files collating the data into plots (jpg and opj files). HRMassspec contains pdf files with the mass spectra of as labelled complexes. All peaks are labelled with relative intensity. NMR contains data relating to the synthesis of complexes and intermediate molecules. Standard NMR data analysis software is required to interpret the data. Software examples include “topspin” and “mestrenova”. “Photoluminescence” contains opju files with data for the photoluminescence of complexes and labelled plots. “TGA” contains txt and xlsx files of TGA data and is also collated into plots in jpg and opju files. UV-vis contains xls files of absorption spectra with labelled headers. Data is also collated into plots in jpg and opju format.


Software / Usage instructions

Data provided in a number of different formats, mostly csv, txt, excel and origin file types.


OLED, carbene-metal-amide, CMA, Thermally activated delayed fluorescence, TADF