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Nikolai Khatuev, prohibitions and signs

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Nikolai says it is forbidden to strike the ground with a whip or any other tool. Other prohibitions include pointing at the sky with one’s fingers, crying with one’s head tilted upwards the sky, knocking on one’s window or door when there is a newborn in the house, taking raw meat out of the house in the evening, and for women it is forbidden to visit someone else’s house after dark. It is also forbidden to wear two caps on top of each other, to hold one’s hands behind the back, or cross arms. When a hare crosses the road it is a good sign. Bad signs are when a dog howls, the hoopoe bird makes a sound near one’s house, or a crow cries sitting on the chimney. Kalmyks do not keep twin calves. One is usually given away to a temple. These prohibitions does not apply to sheep though. After the death of a person, nothing should be taken away from his/her house, including rubbish, food or money, for 49 days. In the past, it was forbidden for women to wear men’s clothing.



Prohibitions, signs

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