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Evaluating femtosecond laser ablation of graphene on SiO2/Si substrate

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Dong, T 
Sparkes, M 


jats:pWe demonstrate a uniform single layer micropattern of graphene on 300 nm thick SiO2 on a Si substrate using a 1030 nm, 280 fs laser. The cutting process was conducted in air, the pattern defined through the motion of a high-precision translation stage. Approximately 1.6 μm wide graphene microchannels were cut with uniform widths and well defined edges. The ablation threshold of graphene was determined to be 66–120 mJ/cm2, at which the selective removal of graphene was achieved without damage to the SiO2/Si substrate. Scanning electron microscopy images revealed high quality cuts (standard deviation 40 nm) with little damage or re-deposition. Raman maps showed no discernible laser induced damage in the graphene within the ablation zone. Atomic force microscopy revealed an edge step height ranging from less than 2 to 10 nm, suggesting little removal of SiO2 and no damage to the silicon (the central path showed sub ablation threshold swelling). The effect of the ultrafast laser on the surface potential at the cut edge has been measured and it showed a distinguishable boundary.</jats:p>



femtosecond laser, graphene, SiO2/Si Substrate

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Journal of Laser Applications

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Laser Institute of America
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/I033491/1)
This work was supported by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and National University of Defence Technology (NUDT). The authors also thank Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC).