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IoT for Rail Transportation: The Case of Railigent

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Dietlmeier, Simon F 
Floetgen, Rob Jago 
Bock, Julius 
Urmetzer, Florian 


Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are often designed horizontally to serve requirements of various vertical industries, but some are custom-built and implemented only by the market participants in a specific industry vertical. This paper takes a case study approach to investigate the IoT platform Railigent, which facilitates IoT solutions exclusively for the rail transportation ecosystem. Offered by Siemens Mobility GmbH, the platform's architecture, business model and platform ecosystem management are analyzed based on an archival analysis of publicly available material. The case findings emphasize the usefulness of IoT platforms in practice to enable data-driven maintenance optimization, potentially supported by a platform verticalization strategy.



Ecosystem, Internet of Things, Platform, Railway Transportation, Verticalization

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2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data Workshop Applications of Big Data Technology in the Transport Industry

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EPSRC (2481898)