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Copanlisib for the Treatment of Malignant Lymphoma: Clinical Experience and Future Perspectives.

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Follows, George A 
Nastoupil, Loretta J 


Dysregulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/protein kinase B/mammalian target of rapamycin signaling is common in both indolent and aggressive forms of malignant lymphoma, for which several targeted therapies have been developed. Copanlisib is a highly selective and potent intravenous pan-class I PI3K inhibitor that has demonstrated durable objective responses and a manageable safety profile in heavily pre-treated patients with indolent lymphomas. As a result, copanlisib monotherapy received accelerated approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of adults with relapsed follicular lymphoma who have received at least two systemic therapies, and breakthrough designation for patients with pre-treated relapsed or refractory marginal zone lymphoma. Hyperglycemia and hypertension are among the most frequently reported adverse events with copanlisib monotherapy, and are infusion-related, transient, and manageable with standard therapies. Mild diarrhea is also a common adverse event with copanlisib monotherapy; there is no evidence of worsening severity of diarrhea, or serious gastrointestinal toxicities such as colitis or severe liver enzyme elevations, which have been reported with orally administered PI3K inhibitors. The intravenous route of administration and intermittent dosing schedule of copanlisib may support a favorable tolerability profile over continually administered oral alternatives. Ongoing studies of copanlisib in combination with rituximab and standard-of-care chemotherapy in patients with relapsed indolent lymphoma have the potential to support the use of copanlisib in the second-line setting, providing a much-needed additional therapeutic option in this underserved patient population.



Humans, Lymphoma, Pyrimidines, Quinazolines

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