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Trinity Hall Library - An Evaluation Statement

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Evans, Christopher 


In the midst of designing an evaluation programme for the proposed riverside extension to/refurbishment of the Thornton Building (1909), it was noticed that an Anglia Water inspection pit was being dug in the lane beside its eastern end (TL 44607/58543). This was duly recorded, following agreement with the County Authorities that it could serve as an alternative to on-site evaluation trenching. Although lying c. 50m upslope from the proposed building extension itself, the reason for this immediate response was due to the limited size of the Library site and problems of undertaking any trial trenching there given that it is presently covered with a storage building and paved terrace (i.e. so small that trial trenching could remove most of the site's deposits and a delayed evaluation would lead to a 'rolling' excavation programme). The test pit sequence is reported below with an historical summary of the site.



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