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Neurologically asymptomatic cerebral oligometastatic prostate carcinoma metastasis identified on [Ga]Ga-THP-PSMA PET/CT.

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Ross, M I 
Bird, N 
Rimmer, Y L 


BACKGROUND:Brain metastases from prostate cancer are rare and usually only occur in the context of widespread systemic disease. This is the first case report of a solitary brain oligometastasis, in a neurologically intact prostate cancer patient with no other systemic disease, detected using [68Ga]Ga-THP-PSMA PET/CT and only the second one using a PSMA-based radiopharmaceutical. CASE PRESENTATION:We report the case of a prostate cancer patient presenting 5 years after robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy with biochemical recurrence, no neurological symptoms, and in the absence of metastatic lesions in the body on conventional imaging. A solitary cerebral metastasis was detected using [68Ga]Ga-THP-PSMA PET/CT, surgically resected, leading to a drop in serum PSA and a good recovery. CONCLUSION:In this case, [68Ga]Ga-THP-PSMA PET/CT resulted in a major change in clinical management and avoided additional morbidity associated with delayed diagnosis and treatment. This report demonstrates the importance of considering the presence of metastatic disease outside the conventional locations of prostate cancer spread, as well as the importance of ensuring comprehensive [68Ga]Ga-PSMA PET/CT coverage from vertex to upper thighs.



Brain, Prostate, Cancer, Cerebral, Carcinoma, Metastasis, Pet/ct, Solitary, [68Ga]ga-thp-psma

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EJNMMI research

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Cancer Research UK (A25177)