Gaining Customer Experience Insights that Matter

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R. McColl-Kennedy, Janet 
N. Lemon, Katherine 
Neely, Andy 

Contextualized in post-purchase consumption in B2B settings, the authors contribute to customer experience management theory and practice in three important ways. First, by offering a novel customer experience conceptual framework that integrates prior customer experience research to better understand, manage, and improve customer experiences - comprised of value cocreation elements (resources, activities, context, interactions and customer role), cognitive responses and discrete emotions at touchpoints across the customer journey. Second, by demonstrating the usefulness of a longitudinal customer experience analytic based on the conceptual framework that combines quantitative and qualitative measures. Third, by providing a step-by-step guide for implementing the text mining approach in practice, thereby showing that customer experience analytics that apply big data techniques to the customer experience can offer significant insights that matter. The authors highlight six key insights practitioners need in order to manage their customers’ journey, through: (1) taking a customer perspective; (2) identifying root causes; (3) uncovering at-risk segments; (4) capturing customers’ emotional and cognitive responses; (5) spotting and preventing decreasing sales; and (6) prioritizing actions to improve customer experience (CX). The article concludes with directions for future research.

customer experience, customer journey, touchpoints, marketing metrics, text mining
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Journal of Service Research
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