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Research data supporting "Probing the Dynamic Self-Assembly Behaviour of Photoswitchable Wormlike Micelles in Real Time"

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Evans, Rachel Claire  ORCID logo
Kelly, EA 
Houston, JE 


The raw data for all graphs reported in the paper and ESI are reported here. Time-resolved scattering profiles and UV-Vis absorption spectra were collected under irradiation with UV light and blue light for the trans-cis and cis-trans isomerisation processes, respectively. Each isomerisation took 10-15 min. SANS data were initially recorded over 15 s intervals and combined post-measurement into 60 s intervals. The scattering patterns were averaged over at least 5 cycles to improve statistics. In-situ UVVis absorption spectra were recorded every second.

Files “Blue1”, “Blue2” etc. contain many time-stamped UV-Vis absorption spectra after a fixed blue irradiation time (1 = 60 s, 2 = 120 s... etc) Likewise for “UV1”, “UV2” etc.

Files with “FinalBlocks” in the filename contain UV-Vis absorption spectra across a range of blocks with the same irradiation time (e.g. many 60 s blue light, or many spectra of 540 s UV light etc..). These were compared to see if any destruction or change in intensity/peak position occurred. Spectra from the end of all SANS measurements were also compared.

Files contains “PSS” contain the data required for the photostationary state calculations after either UV or blue light irradiation.

Filenames with “Static SANS” contain raw SANS data (q, I(q), y-error) for measurements with no light.

Filenames with either “UVSANSXs” or “BLUESANSXs” contain the SANS data taken during either UV or BLUE light irradiation, where X refers to the irradiation time. Data is reported as q, I(q) and y-error.

The file “Rheo-Visco” contains the raw rheology data for the AzoPS.


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azobenzene, surfactant, wormlike micelles, small angle neutron scattering