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A curated dataset of modern and ancient high-coverage shotgun human genomes.

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Maisano Delser, Pierpaolo  ORCID logo
Jones, Eppie R 
Hovhannisyan, Anahit 
Cassidy, Lara 


Over the last few years, genome-wide data for a large number of ancient human samples have been collected. Whilst datasets of captured SNPs have been collated, high coverage shotgun genomes (which are relatively few but allow certain types of analyses not possible with ascertained captured SNPs) have to be reprocessed by individual groups from raw reads. This task is computationally intensive. Here, we release a dataset including 35 whole-genome sequenced samples, previously published and distributed worldwide, together with the genetic pipeline used to process them. The dataset contains 72,041,355 sites called across 19 ancient and 16 modern individuals and includes sequence data from four previously published ancient samples which we sequenced to higher coverage (10-18x). Such a resource will allow researchers to analyse their new samples with the same genetic pipeline and directly compare them to the reference dataset without re-processing published samples. Moreover, this dataset can be easily expanded to increase the sample distribution both across time and space.



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