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Secular evolution of eccentricity in protoplanetary discs with gap-opening planets

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Teyssandier, J 
Ogilvie, GI 


We explore the evolution of the eccentricity of an accretion disc perturbed by an embedded planet whose mass is sufficient to open a large gap in the disc. Various methods for representing the orbit-averaged motion of an eccentric disc are discussed. We characterize the linear instability that leads to the growth of eccentricity by means of hydrodynamical simulations. We numerically recover the known result that eccentricity growth in the disc is possible when the planet-to-star mass ratio exceeds 3 × 10−3. For mass ratios larger than this threshold, the precession rates and growth rates derived from simulations, as well as the shape of the eccentric mode, compare well with the predictions of a linear theory of eccentric discs. We study mechanisms by which the eccentricity growth eventually saturates into a non-linear regime.



accretion, accretion discs, hydrodynamics, celestial mechanics, planet-disc interactions

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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