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Sox7 is dispensable for primitive endoderm differentiation from mouse ES cells.

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Shimosato, Daisuke 
Yamane, Mariko 
Niwa, Hitoshi 


BACKGROUND: Primitive endoderm is a cell lineage segregated from the epiblast in the blastocyst and gives rise to parietal and visceral endoderm. Sox7 is a member of the SoxF gene family that is specifically expressed in primitive endoderm in the late blastocyst, although its function in this cell lineage remains unclear. RESULTS: Here we characterize the function of Sox7 in primitive endoderm differentiation using mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells as a model system. We show that ectopic expression of Sox7 in ES cells has a marginal effect on triggering differentiation into primitive endoderm-like cells. We also show that targeted disruption of Sox7 in ES cells does not affect differentiation into primitive endoderm cells in embryoid body formation as well as by forced expression of Gata6. CONCLUSIONS: These data indicate that Sox7 function is supplementary and not essential for this differentiation from ES cells.



Animals, Cell Differentiation, Embryonic Stem Cells, Endoderm, GATA4 Transcription Factor, GATA6 Transcription Factor, HMGB Proteins, Mice, SOXF Transcription Factors, Transcriptome

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BMC Dev Biol

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