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Tatyana Dordzhieva, About Kalmyk weddings

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Terbish, Baasanjav 


Tatyana talks about Kalmyk weddings. The groom’s delegation brings meat to the bride’s parents. Upon entering the house, the groom’s people bow to the domestic altar and leave coins on it. After that they give the meat to the bride’s parents. The recipients cut certain bits of the meat and put them on the altar. The rest is used for the feast. The groom gives the bride a present, and sings songs for her parents. The head of the groom’s delegation, who has to be a man, also performs a dance for the bride’s parents, after which he touches the bride’s right shoulder with his right hand. This signifies that the time has come for her to follow her husband. The bride’s friends are supposed to stop the groom’s people taking her away. Upon arriving at the groom’s house, the bride kneels on a special mattress to the gods and parents’ of the groom.




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