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Influence of phase difference between kinematic and inertial loads on seismic behaviour of pile foundations in layered soils

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Garala, TK 
Madabhushi, GSP 


jats:p A series of dynamic centrifuge experiments was conducted on model pile foundations embedded in a two-layered soil profile consisting of soft-clay layer underlain by dense sand. These experiments were specifically designed to investigate the individual effect of kinematic and inertial loads on a single pile and a 3 × 1 row pile group during model earthquakes. It was observed that the ratio of free-field soil natural frequency to the natural frequency of structure might not govern the phase relationship between the kinematic and inertial loads for pile foundations as reported in some previous research. The phase relationship obtained in this study agrees well with the conventional phase variation between the force and displacement of a viscously damped simple oscillator subjected to a harmonic force. Further, as expected, the pile accelerations and bending moments can be smaller when the kinematic and inertial loads act against each other compared to the case when they act together on the pile foundations. This study also revealed that the peak kinematic pile bending moment will be at the interface of soil layers for both single pile and pile group. However, in the presence of both kinematic and inertial loads, the peak pile bending moment can occur either at the shallower depths or at the interface of soil layers depending on the pile cap rotational constraint. </jats:p>



4005 Civil Engineering, 4015 Maritime Engineering, 40 Engineering, 4019 Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy

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Canadian Geotechnical Journal

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