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Best practice: thermography application in built environment studies

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Gunawardena, Kanchane 


This method paper presents best practice guidance on qualitative and quantitative thermography application in built environment studies, with focus on the novel application of examining and monitoring vertical greening installations, an increasingly common solution implemented to enhance the climate resilience of urban buildings. Exemplar vertical greening studies have been presented here, with the qualitative application highlighting potential for identifying performance and maintenance issues, as well as providing prima facie indication of plant stress. Detailed aspects of plant performance assessment, as well as abiotic and biotic stress detection are however emphasised to require quantitative application using additional processing tools. The paper demonstrates that despite typical limitations concerning camera accuracy, usage errors, and interpretation cautions, the methodology to be an effective non-invasive approach pertinent not only for research purposes, but also long-term built environment management and maintenance applications.



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Department of Architecture, PhD Conference

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EPSRC (1930753)