Research data supporting "Regime transitions and energetics of sustained stratified shear flows"

Change log
Partridge, JL 
Linden, PF 

We provide the following data:

  1. The three-component velocity and density fields in space and time (u, v, w, ρ)(x, y, z, t) for all 16 experiments listed in table 2 of the paper;
  2. The MATLAB codes used to compute and plot the energetics of the above data, as explained in the paper and shown in figures 10, 11, 14, 15, 16.
  3. Movies showing all the flow fields and the spanwise vorticity in a number of slices allowing for an advanced visualisation of the 4D data to complement figures 3-4;
  4. Plots of the mass flux and volume flux for each experiment;
  5. A README.pdf file giving more information about the data, its format and usage instructions.

Software / Usage instructions
Please read the README.pdf file for more information.
stratified flows, fluid dynamics