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Data-Efficient Neural Network for Track Profile Modelling in Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

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Vargas-Uscategui, Alejandro  ORCID logo
Wu, Xiaofeng 


Cold spray is emerging as an additive manufacturing technique, particularly advantageous when high production rate and large build sizes are in demand. To further accelerate technology’s industrial maturity, the problem of geometric control must be improved, and a neural network model has emerged to predict additively manufactured geometry. However, limited data on the effect of deposition conditions on geometry growth is often problematic. Therefore, this study presents data-efficient neural network modelling of a single-track profile in cold spray additive manufacturing. Two modelling techniques harnessing prior knowledge or existing model were proposed, and both were found to be effective in achieving the data-efficient development of a neural network model. We also showed that the proposed data-efficient neural network model provided better predictive performance than the previously proposed Gaussian function model and purely data-driven neural network. The results indicate that a neural network model can outperform a widely used mathematical model with data-efficient modelling techniques and be better suited to improving geometric control in cold spray additive manufacturing.



cold spray, neural network, additive manufacturing, data-efficient, model, profile, geometry, spray angle, limited data, machine learning

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Applied Sciences

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Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (WP10_TB04)
Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Australia (Research Training Program (International) Scholarship)