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A guide for social science journal editors on easing into open science

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Journal editors have a large amount of power to advance open science in their respective fields by incentivising and mandating open policies and practices at their journals. The Data PASS Journal Editors Discussion Interface (JEDI, an online community for social science journal editors: has collated several resources on embedding open science in journal editing ( However, it can be overwhelming as an editor new to open science practices to know where to start. For this reason, we created a guide for journal editors on how to get started with open science. The guide outlines steps that editors can take to implement open policies and practices within their journal, and goes through the what, why, how, and worries of each policy and practice. This manuscript introduces and summarizes the guide (full guide:


Acknowledgements: We thank Diana Kapiszewski for portions of text from a grant proposal that informed some of this manuscript, Chris Hartgerink for their comments on the manuscript and full guide, and Maitreyee Shilpa Kishor for help formatting the full guide.


Open science, Scholarly publishing, Peer review, Journal editing

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