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Fabrication of high-resolution strain sensors based on wafer-level vacuum packaged MEMS resonators

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Ferri, M 
Mancarella, F 
Masini, L 
Yan, J 


The paper reports on the fabrication and characterization of high-resolution strain sensors for structural materials based on Silicon On Insulator flexural resonators manufactured by polysilicon Low-Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition vacuum packaging. The sensors present sensitivity of 164 Hz/με and strain resolution limit of 150 pε on steel for a measurement time of 315 ms, in both tensile and compressive strain regimes. The readout of the sensor is implemented with a transimpedance oscillator circuit implemented on Printed Circuit Board, in which a microcontroller-based reciprocal frequency counter is integrated. The performance of the sensors on steel are investigated for measurement bandwidths from 1.5 to 500 Hz and a comparison with conventional metal strain gauges is proposed.



Strain sensor, Resonator, SOI, MEMS, Wafer-level vacuum packaging

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Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical

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The contribution of Mr. Filippo Bonafè, Mr. Fabrizio Tamarri, Mr. Michele Sanmartin and Mr. Giulio Pizzochero in the clean room processing employed for the manufacturing of the MEMS sensors is acknowledged. The contribution of Dr. Michele Bellettato in sample preparation is also acknowledged.