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Single-cell transcriptome analysis for cancer and biology of the pancreas: A review on recent progress.

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Tamaddon, Mona 
Azimzadeh, Mostafa 
Gifani, Peyman 
Tavangar, Seyed Mohammad 


Single-cell sequencing has become one of the most used techniques across the wide field of biology. It has enabled researchers to investigate the whole transcriptome at the cellular level across tissues, which unlocks numerous potentials for basic and applied studies in future diagnosis and therapy. Here, we review the impact of single-cell RNA sequencing, as the prominent single-cell technique, in pancreatic biology and cancer. We discuss the most recent findings about pancreatic physiology and pathophysiology owing to this technological advancement in the past few years. Using single-cell RNA sequencing, researchers have been able to discover cellular heterogeneity across healthy cell types, as well as cancer tissues of the pancreas. We will discuss the new immunological targets and new molecular mechanisms of progression in the microenvironment of pancreatic cancer studied using single-cell RNA sequencing. The scope is not limited to cancer tissues, and we cover novel developmental, evolutionary, physiological, and heterogenic insights that have also been achieved recently for pancreatic tissues. We cover all biological insights derived from the single-cell RNA sequencing data, discuss the corresponding pros and cons, and finally, conclude how future research can move better by utilizing single-cell analysis for pancreatic biology.


Peer reviewed: True


genetic heterogeneity, pancreas biology, pancreas cancer, single-cell sequencing, transcriptome analysis

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Front Genet

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