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This archaeological desk based assessment was commissioned by Hannah Reed on behalf of the University of Cambridge to assess the potential impact of a proposed development area on the site of the Judge Business School at Trumpington Street, Cambridge (TL 449 579). The proposed development area (PDA) is situated upon the southern approach to the Medieval town of Cambridge, and lies within an area of known pre-Conquest Saxon activity. Documentary sources are contradictory with regards to the location of Medieval buildings, but the PDA is known to lie either within or in proximity to a number of lay and ecclesiastic institutions. Previous investigations within a study area of 250m radius of the PDA illustrate continuous occupation from at least the 13th century to the present. 16th to 18th century tenancies with small-scale industrial activities fronted Trumpington Street before its widening in 1789. Addenbrooke’s Hospital was opened within the PDA in 1766, and underwent numerous modifications before its closure and relocation in the 1980s. Human remains have been identified during a number of works within the PDA. These relate to burial rights possessed by the Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the late 18th century, a leper hospital or asylum of the 14th and 15th century, and a chapel from at least the 13th century. The PDA is situated within an area of local, regional and national significance.



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