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Barleycroft farm: The Needingworth Skirtland: A Desktop Study

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Evans, Christopher 


Covering 10.3ha, the application site lies on the western edge of the Ouse floodplain on the fringe of the village of Needingworth (TL 350/722). This sub-triangular/'L'-shaped area extends for 750m along the west side of the current boundary of the ARC quarry at Barleycroft Farm/Needingworth and runs north from Overcote Lane; in the south a 150m wide swathe continues west to the edge of the village. Given the available evidence, Bronze Age and Romano-British fieldsystems extend through the area, and there is a possibility that some element of contemporary settlement/or 'in-field-type' activity will occur. Based on the Barleycroft precedent, 'ubiquitous' early prehistoric pit/finds clusters will certainly be present to some degree (Neolithic-Early Bronze Age). Extending up to the village fringe, traces of medieval and possibly Saxon fieldsystems could also be expected within the application site (probably antecedent to the pattern of ridge and furrow visible on aerial photographs).



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