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Gregory-Laflamme and superradiance encounter black resonator strings

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Dias, Óscar J. C. 
Murata, Keiju 
Santos, Jorge E. 
Way, Benson 


We construct novel black strings that are neither time-translation invariant, nor axisymmetric, nor translationally invariant in the string direction, but nevertheless have a helical Killing vector field. These solutions branch from the superradiant instability of D = 6 Myers-Perry black strings with equal angular momenta. We coin these solutions as black resonator strings and we find that they have more entropy than Myers-Perry black strings for the energies and angular momenta where both solutions coexist. We also construct Kaluza-Klein geons, which share the symmetries of black resonator strings, but are horizonless. Unlike in other superradiant systems, Kaluza-Klein geons are not the horizonless limit of black resonator strings and are instead entirely separate solutions.



Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Black Holes, Classical Theories of Gravity

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg