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Fragmentation and constitutive response of tailored mesostructured aluminum compacts

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Marquez, AM 
Weihs, TP 
Krywopusk, NM 
Gibbins, DJ 


jats:pThe fragmentation and constitutive response of aluminum-based compacts were examined under dynamic conditions using mesostructured powder compacts in which the interfaces between the powders (sizes of 40, 100, and 400 μm) were tailored during the swaging fabrication process. Fragmentation was induced in ring samples of this material through explosive loading and was examined through high speed photography, laser interferometry, and soft capture of fragments. Fragment velocities of around 100 m/s were recorded. The fragment mass distributions obtained correlated in general with the interfacial strength of the compacts as well as with the powder size. Experimental results are compared with fragmentation theories to characterize the behavior of reactive powders based on the material's mesostructure by introducing the fracture toughness of the compacts. The mean fragment size is calculated using a modified form of Mott's theory and successfully compared with experimental results.</jats:p>



40 Engineering

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Journal of Applied Physics

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The authors gratefully acknowledge financial support provided by ONR/MURI Grant No. N00014-07-1-0740 (Program Officer Dr. Clifford Bedford). We acknowledge Prof. V. F. Nesterenko for the use of the high speed camera. Discussions with Dr. S. Walley at Cavendish Laboratory are gratefully acknowledged.