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Arbury East: The Archaeology of the Arbury Environs, Part II : The Unex Lands and Gypsy Ditches Site



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Evans, Christopher 


Within this report the results of two field surveys on neighbouring sites lying north of the Arbury Estate, Cambridge, are presented. These investigations were undertaken within the broader context of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit’s ongoing Arbury Environs landscape project. These two sites are interrelated and the evidence of each reflects upon each other. Both were undertaken by the same field team, one directly after the other and, in fact, the results of the second survey (the Gypsy Ditches) caused us to re-examine the still exposed sections of the first (The Unex Lands). It is appropriate, therefore, that these two sites are, so to speak, herein ‘bound up’ together. Neither of these sites produced substantial artefact assemblages and, moreover, what ‘early’ pottery was found was very abraded.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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